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Creation of rich quote documents, contracts, order forms, invoices or any other documents, based on your customer Salesforce data, can be simple. Improve sales performances and reduce errors with Maven Documents. Amend document templates on your own, either in Google Docs, Google Sheets or Microsoft Word, and enrich them with images, tables, barcodes, QR codes and hyperlinks. Set templates to get the data from multiple Salesforce objects using simple Query builder, to fill in the blanks, and have your sales, provisioning and billing processes work smoothly.

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Key benefits

  • Eliminates errors and speeds up sales and delivery cycle
  • Simple templating and rich template elements
  • Standard Salesforce setup and syntax
  • Enhanced rules setup
  • Compatible with CLM and DocuSign ready
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Integration Platform

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No system is an island! Unleash your business potential with effectively integrating Salesforce into the overall system landscape. A Maven Integration Platform (MIP) is a native cost-effective Salesforce application that addresses key integration needs, through offering both Inbound and Outbound integration capabilities, leveraging GraphQL.

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Key benefits

  • Native Salesforce solution
  • Swift integrations setup: plug and play approach for core functionalities
  • Low maintainance effort: suited for any Salesforce administrator
  • Lower TCO comparing to other iSaaS or iPaaS solutions
  • Decreased risk of hitting governor limites
  • Rich customization capabilities
  • Inbound and outbound messages tracking
  • Dedicated logging SaaS natively supported
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One tool to rule them all! Uniquely architectured for Salesforce technical consultants, Maven Tools transforms how Salesforce implementations are being delivered. It offers features like easy data migration between different orgs, org compare, swift metadata deployment capability, intelligent query editor, object inspector and many more, giving you the power to deliver changes more quickly and effectively.

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Key benefits

  • Increases delivery efficiency and improves productivity
  • Brings most frequently needed delivery accelerators
  • Salesforce UI context-driven
  • Native Google Chrome extension
  • Free

Development of Maven Tools product was cosponsored by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG BICRO) from the Innovative Concept Verification Program POC7.

Maven Mule is helping us leverage technology to keep the leading position among U.S. providers of personalized exotic vacation experiences. Maven Integration Platform is streamlining our customer itinerary processes from the Kaptio CRM and Salesforce platform into the Axus Travel App and beyond.
Maven Mule’s team is efficiently streamlining our CRM processes in Salesforce, and enabling us to sell, contract and bill more effectively. We use some of their products with great configuration capabilities and together with extensions they built for us we enabled our sales and financial department users to manage most of the data in Salesforce and drive processes from there. See the story
Solution architecture skills, integration platform capabilities and knowledge provided by Maven Mule experts is transforming the way we design and integrate our next generation Travel Platform into complex environments. Their experts are an essential part of our implementations.
Maven Mule’s technical team is demonstrating true commitment and knowledge in our Salesforce implementations, and is a great attribution to our big transformation and migration programs.
Partnering with Maven Mule has helped us grow our business and scale our services portfolio. Our clients now highly rate our common Salesforce expertise and how we together bring value to their businesses.
Maven Mule’s team demonstrated real commitment and expertise on our DB project, and were valuable members of the development team.
Partnering with Maven Mule’s Salesforce experts has brought us success in common salesforce implementations.

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