Code of Conduct

Maven Mule is committed to the success of our customers. Our commitment to customer success goes hand-in-hand with our core values of personal integrity, trust, respect, accountability, courage and innovation. These are far more than just words: core values are embodied in the decisions and actions that each of us undertake every single day. Code of Conduct outlines how Maven Mule does business and reinforces how our core values directly impact on our ability to deliver success to our customers. Code of Conduct should be used as a tool to help you always do the right thing, in any situation.

Living our core values is inconceivable without transparency, open communication and good faith. If you are ever unsure or feel that the Code of Conduct is being violated within Maven Mule, or if you observe questionable behaviour by our partners or people we do business with, we ask you to speak up sincerely and honestly. Talk to your manager within Maven Mule. Remember, it is your responsibility to act appropriately until the situation has been addressed. It does not matter whether your report turns out to be true, but you must make it with the best intentions. In return, the company is committed that all reports are treated promptly with trust, respect and in a professional manner - no potential retaliation will be tolerated. You don’t ever need to be afraid of asking questions or reporting potential issues. You may also share concerns anonymously by submitting a contact us form on our website, or by writing an email to . Violations of this Code and other company policies are taken seriously. Consequences may include even termination of employment.

2.1 Expectations for Managers
If you managing a team within Maven Mule, you have an additional responsibility to set the right tone for your team, by doing the following:

  • Lead by example, always choosing the ethical course of action.
  • Speak up when you see a problem and encourage others to do the same.
  • Make sure your direct reports understand this Code and what is expected of them.
  • Always be receptive to questions and concerns, and make sure that issues are directed to the people who can help.
  • Escalate matters that may indicate a violation of the Code or any other company policy to your manager, HR or through website contact us form.

3.1 Recognizing Conflicts of Interest
A conflict of interest is a situation where an opportunity for personal gain is contrary to the company’s best interests. Avoid even the appearance of a potential conflict of interest. If you believe that you may have a potential conflict of interest, discuss it with your manager right away. Here are some situations that could easily represent the conflict of interest and how they should be addressed:

  • 1. Working with family members.
    • If two family members both work for Maven Mule, one family member cannot report to another.
    • If your family member owns or works for a company that does business with Maven Mule, you must disclose this fact.
  • 2. Outside work - You are expected to devote your full professional energies to your work at Maven Mule.
    • To avoid conflict with the company, all side jobs or personal business activities that are profit-related need to be disclosed to your manager and approval should be asked for, regardless if you’re personally being compensated for the outside activity or not (i.e. advisory for profit organization).
    • Participation in nonprofit activities is welcome and encouraged. Approval from your manager should be asked only if nonprofit activities could conflict with the company’s business.
    • You are encouraged to be involved in the political activities of your choice. Be clear in such activities that your participation is your own choice, not an endorsement from the company, and do not use company time or resources for your personal political activities.
  • 3. Financial interests - If you or members of your family are holding a significant or controlling interest in one of Maven Mule’s competitors, customers, or suppliers, this could create a divided loyalty, or at least the appearance of one. Financial interests that pose a potential conflict of interest require approval from your manager.
  • 4. Corporate opportunities - Employees cannot take advantage personally of business or investment opportunities that are discovered through the use of company property, business, or information. Such actions are considered to be competing with Maven Mule and must be avoided.
  • 5. Gifts and Entertainment - goods, services, entertainment or any item of value, in some cases may create a conflict of interest or unfair bias that could influence business decisions or be seen as bribes. If your gift does not involve a government official, a gift in the name of the Maven Mule company under $100 is permissible. For any gifts of higher values consult with your manager. The company has zero tolerance for gifts, meals and entertainment involving government officials, including tips and small payments made to a government official in order to expedite a routine government action, such as issuing a permit or providing utility service. This is illegal. (A government official can be a national or local government employee, a political candidate, a party official or an employee of a government-controlled entity.)
  • 6. Kickbacks - a kickback is the return of a sum paid (or due to be paid) as a reward for fostering a business arrangement. Accepting or offering a kickback violates this Code.
  • 7. Bribery - bribery is offering or giving something of value in order to improperly influence the recipient’s actions. Bribery is illegal in every jurisdiction in which Maven Mule does business. Never resort to bribery or any other corrupt practices.

3.2 Third parties
Follow established client and partner procurement rules and procedures, including not beginning any work without an authorized purchase order unless WAR (working at risk) approval is given. The company may engage with third parties such as agents, consultants, suppliers, resellers, or distributors, only after they have passed a due diligence process. Contact your manager for further information about the due diligence process.

3.3 Financial Integrity, Records, and Accounting
All information must be recorded accurately and timely, whether it is tracking work hours, expenses (including your expense reports), or sales contracts. Based on this the company is able to make informed decisions about how to run its business and plan for the future. Maven Mule’s books, records, accounts, and financial statements must be maintained in appropriate detail so that they properly reflect the company’s business activities. Doing so is required by law.

3.4 Personal data and documents retention
The personal information provided to the company must be protected. If your job enables you to have access to personal information regarding our clients or other employees (data like home addresses, medical information, and Social Security numbers), then you are responsible for helping to protect it. That means using the information only for legitimate business purposes, and not sharing it with anyone who does not have a work-related reason to see it. Personal data that sits within the scope of GDPR should be handled according to internal GDPR procedures, available on Maven Mule’s intranet. When deciding what legal documents to save, archive, or trash, always check with your manager for details about how long various documents should be retained. This policy applies to all kinds of documents, both paper and electronic.

3.5 Audits and Investigations
From time to time, you may encounter internal and external auditors, government officials, or investigators who request information from you. Information or response should be provided timely and accurately, but in accordance with Maven Mule’s ISMS policy. Never mislead or attempt to influence any investigation, audit, or inquiry.

3.6 Handling Imports and Exports
When working with international customers, keep in mind that there may be additional steps required before delivering products or services  internationally. You are responsible for knowing and following the appropriate rules and procedures for imports and exports, including any requirements related to taxes, verification, licensing, and permits.


4.1 Using Technology, Assets and Facilities
Maven Mule trusts its employees with a wide range of technology and other tools that make it possible to do their jobs effectively, and these tools must be used wisely. Every employee is responsible for protecting both Maven Mule’s property, Salesforce property and customer’s assets. All assets should be used only for their authorised and intended purpose. The computers, mobile phones, other devices, email system, tools, brand assets and infrastructure that Maven Mule provides are company property. A certain amount of personal use is permitted, but company technology should mainly be used only for business purposes. Since all of these tools and technology belong to the company, employees should not have any expectation of privacy in their use. Maven Mule may monitor anything created, stored, sent, or received on company technology, to the extent allowed by law. Do not use company technology to violate the law or Maven Mule IT Security policies or to create, store, or send content that others might find offensive.

4.1.1 Protecting Sensitive Information and Intellectual Property
You should safeguard all confidential information about Maven Mule company or the one gained from Salesforce or any other partner, and should never disclose to anyone without express authorization of the management and related partner. This includes:

  • Terms and conditions or our partner and client agreements, rates, or fees offered to particular customers
  • Company and partner’s business plans, sales goals or strategies
  • Intellectual property
  • Product designs, concepts and plans
  • Business processes
  • Other, non-public information that might be of use to competitors

If you receive another company’s confidential or proprietary information by mistake, return or destroy it. Maven Mule is a product company, so it is important to protect product ideas. It’s equally important to respect copyright and intellectual property of our brand assets and of our partners. For more detailed information about how to protect information and what your specific responsibilities are, see the QMS and ISMS policies and procedures.

4.1.2 Competing Fairly
You must never enter into any agreements—whether express or implied—that violate the letter or spirit of anti-competition laws. In particular, the following topics must never be discuss with Maven Mule’s or Salesforce competitors:

  • Pricing or price fixing
  • Bid rigging and splitting potential customers or territories
  • Agreements among companies not to hire their respective employees
  • Any other tactic to unreasonably restrict competition

Keep in mind that agreements do not have to be signed contracts to be illegal. Maven Mule is committed to being honest and truthful with all of its customers, vendors, and other business partners. Never misrepresent the quality, features, or availability of the company’s products, and never do anything illegal or unethical to win business. Trying to obtain information by lying or pretending to be someone you are not is unethical, could be illegal, and is generally in poor taste. Don’t do it.

5.1 Human Rights and Labor Concerns
We respect each individual’s rights, personal dignity, and privacy. We follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding:

  • compensating employees fairly and following local wage regulations or collective agreements;
  • ensuring that working hours, including overtime, do not exceed applicable legal limits,
  • child labor.
  • ensuring fair and proper hiring, firing, and evaluation practices;

All employment-related decisions should be based on skills and aptitude, never on legally protected personal characteristics like race, color, religion, gender, national origin or ancestry, age, medical condition or disability, marital status, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

5.2 Diversity and Non-Discrimination
Maven Mule is committed to treating all team members and partners with fairness, dignity, and respect. We foster an inclusive workplace. Maven Mule will not allow, promote, or facilitate any hate-related or violent communication through any channel. There will be zero tolerance to offensive jokes or comments, sexual suggestive comments or acts, slurs and name calling, and any act ofbullying, or exclusion. Solid teamwork requires all employees to treat each other with dignity and respect.

5.3 Workplace Health, Safety and Protecting the Environment
We’re committed to complying with all employment and safety laws, and to providing the safe work environment. Follow all safety rules and report unsafe situations. If you believe someone is in danger, contact the local authorities right away. The use of illegal drugs and inappropriate or excessive use of alcohol are not permitted in the workplace. We’re committed to following all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards in terms of protecting the environment. This primarily refers to requirements for waste management and recycling, and us trying to reduce environmental impact.

5.4 Giving Back to the Community
We want to change the community by pledging 1% of our time, product and profit. We believe supporting a good cause can help build a better future for everyone. We share the beliefs and values of Pledge 1% and we will align Maven Mule with those values by sharing the badge and spreading the pledging idea in all company communication - presentation, marketing and all public communication materials where appropriate.

This Code of Conduct is part of Maven Mule’s onboarding process, and all employees will be trained on our ethical standards, values and commitments listed here. Code of Conduct is at all times available on our Intranet home page, and all employees and contractors are expected to finish trailhead module (with your associated user account): Any violations and concerns are expected to be reported to the appropriate contact, and reports will be kept confidential to the extent possible and permitted by law.


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