EU Project

The creation of this web page was cosponsored by the Competitiveness and Cohesion OP 2014 - 2020, from EU fund for regional development.

WWW vaučeri za MSP-ove, KK.

Creation of new web pages to increase market reach and awareness (Izrada novih web stranica u svrhu postizanja bolje vidljivosti i efektnijeg prezentiranja).

The main goal of this project is to increase the competitiveness and presence of Maven Mule in Croatian and international markets. New web pages are expected to address the current gap in marketing Maven Mule’s services offerings.

Project included development of new web pages, enhancement of current branding assets and setup of SEM channels.

Execution of this project should significantly enhance market reach and awareness of Maven Mule, and consequently, it is expected that it will contribute to opening new business opportunities, closing new deals and new hires.

The total project cost is 89.000 HRK + PDV, out of which EU fund contributed with 63.200 HRK.

Project timeframe: February 2019 - February 2020.

Contact person: Dragan Vujnovic, Maven Mule d.o.o.

The project was sponsored by the European Union from the EU fond for regional development.

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